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Our glass recovery allows us to save on costs and waste.

For us, a pledge.

Respect for the environment has always been a very important topic, especially for the safeguard of new and future generations.

We at Akomag, as we work closely with the recycling of glass bottles, can give a helping hand to the environment, which is why this is a commitment that we make very seriously.

There are different ways to recover glass, the traditional method and the one according to us at Akomag.

Both methods allow glass to be recycled, but while the traditional one creates more pollution, the one according to Akomag is designed to protect the environment.

As you can see from our graphics, we explain in a simple way how simple it would be to protect the environment with glass recycling according to Akomag.

It all starts from how the vacuum is managed, instead of breaking the bottles, we just recycle them and thanks to machines like ours “which clean, sanitize and sterilize the glass bottles”, they can be reintegrated and reused.

Recupero del vetro in modo tradizionale


  • more waste
  • more management costs
  • more trucks on roads
  • more transportation
  • more COemissions
  • more air pollution
  • long times in glass handling 
  • more personnel involved in the cycle
  • more corporate costs
  • less revenues


  • less waste
  • less management costs
  • less trucks on roads
  • less transportation
  • less COemissions
  • less air pollution
  • less processing time
  • less personnel involved in the cycle
  • less corporate costs
  • more revenues
Recupero del vetro Akomag

Akomag glass recovery.

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