Bottle washing machines by Akomag

Designed for internal and external bottle cleaning.

Our professional bottle washing machines are designed for the complete cleaning of glass bottles, which offer great adaptability.

All the machines manufactured by Akomag are engineered to reduce costs of power supply, water and detergents.

Other essential characteristics of our machines are user friendliness, actual zero maintenance, simplicity in cleaning and various stainless steel components.

Each product created is designed to meet your needs, whether you need a bottle washer for small production capacities, up to machines that have a high production capacity range.

Combi, Manual bottle washer.

Designed following different small users indications with low production (family winery, micro beer, etc.) it offers a great versatility and can adapt to the most varied range of requirements.

Thanks to the machine’s modular construction, allows to progressively increase its functions, the automatisms, besides the level of sophistication, inserting special sections of washing and/or of sanification.

Genesi, continuos cycle bottle washer.

The basic and “L” models are extremely compact continuos cycle machines, designed following user indications, with low productive capacities, and are extremely versatile and can adapt to the most varied range of requirements.
Thanks to a single but extremely effective washing cycle, running costs can be reduced while still obtaining excellent washing results and ensuring that the bottles are perfectly cleaned.

Taurus, for small and medium productions.

Designed to combine the flexibility of lower power machines with technological innovations developed for machines with higher potential. The fact that these machines are so easy to use and clean, requiring practically no maintenance, enables high outputs and very limited machine downtime.
Its high quality standards and advanced technology together with skilled and reliable after-sales service make the Taurus model an excellent departure point in bottling line automation.

Hydra, completely automated bottle washer.

Designed to incorporate the most recent sector innovations, reduced maintenance, extreme ease-of-use and -cleaning are its strong points.
Thanks to its modular structure, range of options and special features, it offers maximum flexibility to meet all customer requirements.

Phoenix, for large quantity users.

Phoenix DE (double-end) is the greatest technological expression ever reached in the bottle washing sector. Projected, experimented and realized to satisfy the most specific demands of whom highly uses these machine in professional way.
Sophisticated and reliable control systems allow remotely manage the entire washing cycle, as well as control of the operations, speed and consumption.

Pixis, rinsers for new bottles.

Both in the standard and junior models, Pixis is a continuous cycle machines series with extremely compact dimensions engineered to treat new glass bottles and containers through a dipping process. Designed to minimize maintenance, these machines are characterized by extremely easy operation and cleaning.
The high qualitative standards that our machines have reached, advanced technology and prompt after-sales service make the Pixis series a reliable reference in the bottling line sector.
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With this project financed by the Region, the company participated in the international fairs Propak Asia 2023 (THAILAND) and Brau Beviale 2023 (GERMANY). Important events in the beverage sector which have contributed to increasing our presence in Northern Europe and South East Asia.

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